Define Your Nia!

Inner Awareness

Nia means purpose in Swahili! Join the I define ME movement and Define your voice!


Are you defining you? Are you ready to transform your life?

I am who I am, I am unique, I am We, I represent Unity!, I am diversity, A mosaic of people live in me, I am my history, My story is my legacy!, My voice delivers solutions, My mind seeks knowledge, My spirit flows with purpose!, I am inspired, I am empowered, I am naturally me!, I reflect positivity, I hold the key to my destiny, It's all about me! I define Me!

Why Choose NIA?

Nia means purpose in Swahili:
  • N Nurturing girls and women to celebrate sisterhood, diversity, leadership, self-awareness and personal empowerment!
  •  I  Inner self-reflections, mentoring and coaching to develop your mission, vision and brand into your purpose!
  •  A Awareness for women & girls as a collective voice to make a difference as educators, social entrepreneurs and mentors in our local, national and global communities.

Cup of NIA Motivational Minutes