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Defining Poetry…

As you sip you cup of Nia today, think about your dreams and how do they become a reality in your life! I have always felt if I dream it, see it, I can make it happen! No one else needs to believe in your dreams and visions but you! You are the poet in…

BACK to Basics

School has started, for kids, what about for you and the school of life! Time to get back to basics!   1,2, 3 go! Grab your journal and define your test, and how you will score! See you at the finish line! Keep Sippin!

I define ME affirmations

It's spring time and we need to make a decision are we choosing to live our vision or merely just exist??? If you are choosing to Live the Vision! Then begin to plant seeds and expect a harvest! Sip on the knowledge that close mouths don't get fed! We all want to eat, right??? Soulfowers…


I haven't blogged in a minute, how about months! Why? Because I'm Owning IT! 2015 has taken me on a journey of walking by faith to literally faith-flying. People say be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! I say be careful what you pray for because you will get IT! This…

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