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Dig Deep

Digging Deep is a saying that I am sure we have all heard before.  Kinda like soul searching. Today we are focusing on being authentic enough, courageous enough to be daring…to do something you have been doing for quite awhile differently. Being courageous enough to look at outside ourselves and dig deep into the roots…

Self Discovery

Today is November 21st 2013 we have less than 40 days left this year until 2014 so I decided for my last 40 days 2013 I would openly blog about my daily meditations. Please feel free to join me, please share and above all keep sippin... Today's focus is self discovery how well do you know…

Own Your NOW!

It has been almost and entire year since I have posted, I often question what made me disconnect and if I was truly honoring myself. I think it was for several reasons, sometimes we write and look for a reponse, and other times we feel we are doing too much, and I want to give it…

12-12-12 How will you make the connection

12-12-12 World day of interconnectedness… What are you connected too? How will you make the connection? Who are you connected to? When??? Wherever you are, whoever you are, take some time on December 12, 2012 – perhaps at 12:12 or throughout the day – to celebrate the simple yet transformative understanding that we are all…

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