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The Naked Truth

How many of you are on a spiritual journey, and you know that the only way to truly have a REAL relationship with God is to be able to reveal the naked truth to him, as well as to yourself? Without judgment we need to be able to trust God, step out on faith and ask God to cleanse…

A Rarity…A Full Moon.

Last week, I witnessed a full moon, illuminating in all of her beauty...,her light pulled me towards her as I stood in awe of her being...she was able to send waves of emotions through me with just one look. In the midst of the darkness, I felt...i knew she would always be there. Yet tomorrow…


Simple vs. Complicated.   How many times do we say the word simple. The word simple has so much power when you really listen to the many ways we can use it in a sentence in singular form or plural.   In life we experience many complicated situations, such as family issues, work, financial difficulties,…