12-12-12 How will you make the connection


12-12-12 World day of interconnectedness…
What are you connected too? How will you make the connection? Who are you connected to? When???
Wherever you are, whoever you are, take some time on December 12, 2012 – perhaps at 12:12 or throughout the day – to celebrate the simple yet transformative understanding that we are all interconnected in the living system called Planet Earth. Let us together share one dream, one heart and one intention with an infinite variety of expressions.
How beautiful it would be that we as a world could imagine a day of sharing a vision of being connected and what would that look like? It may be your day of renewal to connect with God, Perhaps a moment of silence placing dreams into the universe, looking into the eyes of a person and not speaking a word but allowing your hearts to speak. The kiss of century, lasting for 12 seconds or more. Take the leap & let go
Whatever, it is you feel you want to be connected to, grasp the opportunity of the Century!
Connect with it today!
lighthouse w sun
According to Chinese numerology, the number one is a yang number which is ruled by the sun and represents independence and individualism. Two is a yin number which is ruled by the moon and represents symmetry and balance. When placed together, the number 12 brings perfect harmony to the ying and yang, balancing the feminine energy of the moon with the masculine energy of the sun.
SOoooo….what we can assume is 12/12/12 equals togetherness, interconnectedness and harmony.
Whatever you do, make it beautiful...
sun and moon

Namaste on your 12/12/12 Journey!

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