Believe in You!


Believe in You! If you don't who else will???

have you ever heard that saying before, I believe that it to be true because how can we possibly think that someone else can interpret your vision for your destiny if you can't explain it for yourself.

In 101 ways, Jamie spoke of not allowing your sex, preference or or skin color hold you back. She also stated to be careful not to allow others beliefs of your God within block you from achieving your dreams and accepting a miracle when opportunity knocks.

When you believe in you, you know... that you know... that you know...That You are owning your now and your destiny is in your hands. Today I suggest you go back a couple of blogs to creative visualization and pull out your vision board, destiny board, or better yet create new list of all the thing you believe to be true about your present and future and start putting it into action.

James 2:14-26 states faith without action is dead. Don't allow someone elses belief system kill your dreams. Act on you!

Today allow your Inner Sista to speak to all the positives that reside in you and allow us to see it! The time is now, don't you agree? Just BElieve in YOU!




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  1. Thank you for this message! It's essential to believe in yourself! Keep inspiring us all!

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