Coping with the temptations of the flesh…

Urges, greed, relationships, lust, flesh…


emptation... is nothing less than something or someone that makes you act or think in a certain way that you would not normal act on, think on or feel; IF that temptation was not around.

When we are confronted with something that makes us uncomfortable or tempts us we normally will do things in a different way by either:

(1)    Running, hiding or masking our feelings and emotions in something that is even worse then the thing we are originally being tempted by.


(2)    By, Running full speed ahead into it, knowing in the end we will be hurt by the end result.

We must find ways to say that it is okay to be tempted. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. What worked for Jesus was praying and fasting…(Being the Son of God helps) HELLLOOOOOOO…are you not a goddess of our GOD!

Therefore, what things can you do to acknowledge that you are being enticed by someone or something that doesn’t exalt your higher self?

Temptation can weaken our flesh but it can also strengthen our resolve in the midst of a storm. Just know that temptation like most storms will pass when we are not fearful to address our deepest issues. Self-worth means you are more than enough, you are worthy of weathering the storm. So, evaluate your wants vs. needs, ask yourself do I need this in my life and look those (wants) temptations in the eye and say you will not tempt me to devalue my moral, ethical or spiritual higher self. Please share how do you cope?



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