Develop a Positive Attitude

How do you develop a positive attitude? It starts with you! How do you start your day? Do you whisper positive affirmations to the wind, have a conversation with the divine asking for your lil light to shine. Each day I start with a song. I play India Arie's... Beautiful day and I make an agreement with myself to push negativity away.

Next, I surround myself around people with positive energy, if you are in a workplace, a relationship or in a marriage were it is impossible then you are in the perfect place to be a vessel. Show them the light! or it may be time to remove yourself from the darkness by following the light of happiness to a new venue.

Regardless, your yellow brick road is dependent on how you see life and the choice is yours.

Finally, in developing a positive attitude, you must have a plan. A blueprint to your happiness that allows you to be your authentic- self always. Transparency speaks truth and being true to you is the key to a positive attitude. So look in the mirror and just do you and I guarantee you will have a beautiful day!

What is your plan? Define you Shine Today! Remember the NiagroupSTL always says...

If your not Living your Life to the fullest, your not living...


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