Dig Deep


Digging Deep is a saying that I am sure we have all heard before.  Kinda like soul searching. Today we are focusing on being authentic enough, courageous enough to be daring…to do something you have been doing for quite awhile differently. Being courageous enough to look at outside ourselves and dig deep into the roots of our issues. Realizing the issue may be you.

My Journal entry...focuses on a simple issue in my house that needed resolution. For years tv and talk radio in my bedroom flooded the airwaves when I sleep and it leaves me sleepless; whereas my husband needs one or the other to sleep. Now for some compromising may seem simple. Yet out of anger, I chose to argue about the need not to have either technical vices in the room at all, why??? because after all it is MY bedroom! Correction OURS…lol.  So today out of love I decided to dig deep for the benefit of us all and take one for the team and simply order me some much desired sleep designed ear plugs that will allow is both the pleasure of a peaceful sleep. Simple solution uhn??? Believe you me, I had to dig deep for that one. For the life of me I do not know why that solution never came up.

Now for you, your being stuck and not being able to hear yourself to dig deep issue may be deeper, more complex. It could be your sitting at a meaningless job, in a undesirable relationship or holding emotional pain and have not even thought of how to begin to dig, let alone go deep.

May I suggest for today to courageously at least state your issue first, then go in a little a look at all corners of the circumstances and own what parts you have control over and what parts you don’t. Look at the entire photo without filters and begin to dig. This will allow you to see multiple solutions and you can now move deeper!

Let flow: Matthew 6:30-33 ending with…

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

You can do it! My ear pieces are being delivered in less than 48 hours, a small issue that I blew up resolved, digging deep in a different direction lead to the right solution. Your turn!

Keep Sippin,



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