Get your finances together!


My Sista, I know that No one likes other people to count their money. Finances are a touchy subject for couples, let alone a single woman, because we want what we want! Some of us are impulse shoppers, and some of us just want what we want when we want it. The key to getting your finances together really is pulling out the paper and pencil and really analyzing how you spend. See your spending trends and begin to do different.

It may be that you can’t get that cup of coffee from Starbucks or Panera.  7 Eleven may need to be the option or instead of running to the grocery store weekly or daily like I tend to do, you need to start buying food and household supplies wholesale. If you’re eating out daily for lunch go down to two times a week. Instead of being the designer queen, go to thrift stores. Alternate, getting your mani-pedi every other week instead of getting both every week.

Most important set a specific goal and make a list of all the money you spend weekly and revise it to begin saving something every time.  Yes, it may mean you need to get a part-time job to get you through, or lay-a-way your wishes, instead of pulling out the visa, but the buck stops here.

You want your bank account to always be a credit to you and your partner’s work ethic.  You should see yourself as being a commodity, a true asset to someone; else not a debit. Everyone’s account has come up overdrawn at least once in their lifetime and it is not a good feeling.  Living check to check is not cool, Everyone should have at minimum 3 months of your housenote in savings.

SO 101 admit it is time to get the finances together.

Here we grow:

  1. Have faith- Faith will get you through, know that not having any savings is temporary.
  2. Pay your tithes –give back and you shall receive, the doors will open in abundance!
  3. Invest in a financial planner, or purchase one- there are also online free tools that really work.
  4. Create your vision board- see your goals daily, map out a time-frame and see yourself reaching it
  5. Learn to budget- PAY yourself first! Put aside something every time you get paid, every time! Then look in to other investments, CD’s stocks and bonds, but save SOMETHING every single time!

Remember back in the day we would see a penny and pick it up for good luck, but now people walk right pass it! Get emotional about saving, as emotional as we do about our favorite pair of shoes, or dress.  Are you and investment? When is the last time you saved for something you really wanted? Didn’t it feel good! Time to save for a rainy day! You’re worth it! Go get your blessing!!!!




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