Nurture your Hobbies


What do you love to do? What gifts do you have that have been left unfed??? Why are you not doing you to the fullest? Have you forgot about the things that inspire you. Hobbies, do you have one?

What was yours back in the day? Go waaay back! Was it skating, swimming, crocheting??? Do you still do it? What has changed? Have you yearned to turn your hobbies into a career? Share it with the world!

SO often we busy ourselves in life and get lost in the journey and forget the very things that make us happy, things that can become our gifts to others. Whatever your hobby may be; challenge yourself to indulge in it! Perhaps it was sewing, purchase an updated machine, bike-riding...go buy a bike, or maybe it was writing, yet something inside of you stop writing those short stories. The no. 1 book seller? How do you know???

I usta love to put together puzzles, recently we bought one for the office and guess what I realized? I still do love it! and my poetry has become apart of my career. Imagine that! It freed me and now it is a gift to others.

Sisters, it is time to connect with the little girl inside of you and do the things you love most, because it defines you and nurture it! We depend on the world, friends, and partners waay to much to define our happiness and then claim boredom. Listen! this may be the very thing that the creator has placed you here to do, or the one thing that frees your mind to just breathe and do you! I bet you will enjoy it to the fullest! So begin the journey of nurturing your hobbies!



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