I define ME affirmations

live your vision

It's spring time and we need to make a decision are we choosing to live our vision or merely just exist???

If you are choosing to Live the Vision! Then begin to plant seeds and expect a harvest! Sip on the knowledge that close mouths don't get fed! We all want to eat, right??? Soulfowers want to grow and I am indeed a Soulflower, the question is...are you?

So ask yourself what am I eating or drinking that is feeding or quenching my soul, mentally, physically and spiritually??? and get to work doing it! Nurture your SOUL!

Are you making a commitment??? If so find an accountability partner and tell them to keep you accountable! or just be a KEEPER to your self if you prefer to walk this journey alone!

Start with a short list of maybe 8 objectives and create 8 affirmations to push you to the finish line and start crossing them off the list! Share them with me! I would love for you to put them in the universe! Perhaps I will share mine next week as well! No matter, big or small, the list starts with you! Key word: START!

*the Number 8 means new beginnings, so let's begin!

Until next time, keep Sippin! Looking forward to connecting as we sip our next cup of therapy!

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