Interpret your crazy dreams


I am a dreamer...and I believe in my dreams. Do you? Carl Jung a psychoanalyst once stated every person in your dream is you. In the book 101 speaks about this concept and I believe that many times we see ourselves in the past, present and future. God speaks to us in dreams, and at times your purpose can be revealed as well. Some of us even connect with our ancestors. Some people dream in color, others in black in white, I do know they some type of meaning.

For Me... my dreams allow me to question the whys? Take risk and take my hair down and be completely accessible to all that I am. When I awaken, sometimes I take notes mentally or jot it down in my dream journal. After all dreams do come true, don't they? Take a survey around you and ask somebody, or better yet ask yourself and share with us. I want to know, Have any of your dreams ever come true?


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