Lift as you climb!


 I Am WE!

African Proverb...

What do you do when your climbing, what do you do when your being lifted! I am hoping that we are all in alignment knowing I lift as I climb!

That concept is not foreign, it doesn't mean you don't bask in your own sunshine, or take in all that is for you. It means remember how you got there and to reach back.

We have a saying that We say to our SistaKeepers...

A SK is you! A SK is me! A SK is WE!

Essentially it means, double doors, if I go through, you will go through with me and

WE both will reap the benefits!

Simply lifting as you climb.

 Be conscious of your self-worth and the worth of another.

Patti Labelle sings it best "When you've been blessed! Pass it On!"

How are you passing it on? In what capacity do you choose to lift as you climb?


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