Nothing happens by Chance…


I choose not to believe in things happening by chance, good timing or luck. Many times in life I have been on a journey and wondered how did I get there, and thought it was about all the hook ups, preparation or even my educational endeavors.  Not that they did not play a role but they definitely were not the deciding factor.

My Sista, please remember that things do not happen by chance! Obtaining a promotion, a relationship ending, or not getting the job, or even bumping into a friend from the past.  My belief is that when you have a relationship with God, the universe will lead you even when you have given up on yourself in the direction you need to go.

During these times we may even second guess ourselves and we will ask our divine guides for a sign, or ancestors to carry us through. The sign will be clear as day, but we must be willing to see and act on it. We cannot allow our fears or insecurities or not thinking we are good enough to block us from the next part of our journey.

Whether it is to move to another state, begin the battle of dealing with breast cancer, or healing through losing a love one, ending a relationship or taking a chance or a new one. God has a reason for the season and you must have faith in your valleys and your mountaintops. So whenever, things happen that seem like it shouldn’t happen to you, remember there is a purpose for it and you are here on this earth to fulfill that purpose. You do not know your ending. So stay on the path !


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