Organize Your Stuff


I need some SOUL to KEEP!!!  Don't YOU??? How do we do it Sisters? Mentally, physically and spiritually! We have become bag ladies! SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE! Sure I know you love purses, and shoes but your being worn down because your carrying waaaay to much! How many of you know that right now if you walked into your home, there is not even a space that you can just sit and meditate, feeling at peace because of the chaos. It is not even organized chaos.

We have clothes we haven't worn for years, and I do mean years! File cabinents full of paperwork way pass the seven year rule and don't even enter our heads or hearts, we holding so much past pain, our soul has no room to grow but we have no time for self! (THERAPY) Jamie even stated in 101, we have VCR's, VHS, old cable boxes, paint, worn out shoes,  even old bras and saggin panties (that we wear) that NO one wants. Time to let them go! lol!!!

You know they have shows on television about hoarders and I am not saying that anyone of you fit the definition but we must clean house. Mind, body and Soul...time to get some SOUL TO KEEP!!!!

That means simplify your life and decide what you will let go and what you must Keep!

*In relationships, make a list of must haves, discuss with your partner and proceed with a plan to discard the negativity. Are you ready for the challenge???

*In your house (old chair, appliances, irons, clothes,etc) contact the local Charity organization, and donate, write it off you must! (and don't go replace stuff with more stuff)

*At the office, clean that desk, shred, shred, shred and re-organize with order.

*Some things may have sentimental value, others not so much... Pack it up, label and put away.

*We even start projects and never finish...Hello??? Goodbye. Finish it or throw it out!

*In your head, I need you to purge all the what if's and should's, maybes and replace them with I will, starting today, make a list if it works for you right now and start anew!

Ok, time for me to take my own advice. Im good at hiding organized stuff, so I am about to stop moving stuff around and through it out! Wooosaaaaaaah....

Are you ready to begin to breathe, start anew? If your seeking clarity, Get your house in order inside and out. Organize your stuff and recieve the blessings awaiting you! I promise you will begin to recieve the clarity you desire from just removing clutter and simplifying your life!


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