I haven't blogged in a minute, how about months! Why? Because I'm Owning IT!

2015 has taken me on a journey of walking by faith to literally faith-flying. People say be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! I say be careful what you pray for because you will get IT!

This year has truly felt like harvest time. I have been sowing seeds into my dreams and visions nOw for over 15 years and many of my dreams are now becoming a true reality! Author, Entrepreneur, therapist, Talk show host, National Motivational Speaker! (Wife, Mother, Woman) lol, Hear me roar!

Yes! I Define ME!

Never did I think, I would become a NAACP Award HomeTown Champion, walking the red carpet in LA, VIP with my oldest daughter! Faith-Flyin!

Never did I think, I would become a resident therapist on FOX2news, called to speak to social media issues. Faith-Walkin!

Never did I think, I would host two I-Heart Radio Shows for women and girls focusing on defining ourselves. Faith-Listening!

Never did I think, I would become a National Speaker on the National Stop the Girl Bullying tour from breakouts in Chicago to motivating others through KeyNotes in Las Vegas & ATL! Again, Faith-Flyin!

I have met AMAZING people on my journey!!! I mean AMAZING people who are also defining today as NiaSister, Soulflower Sisters, Women who are coming together collectively to redefine walking in love, joy, peace and harmony in a world that is starving and thirsty for purpose & change! (the bus is coming...)

I say all of this to say, I am not sure what is next on my journey but what I do know is I am ready!

You want to know the secret, stop thinking and start walking! Whatever you  believe in awesome!

As for me, I Allowed God to clear my path. I walk the labryinth for clarity, I pray, read my word, journal and meditate on it and my circle keeps getting bigger!

I say all this to say, If you have a dream, a mission to accomplish, a vision that you must see through post your "I define Me Board!", speak it into existence & be a Keeper to your what's next!

It is time to do what you love!So OWN IT!

Keep Sippin,


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