Own Your NOW!


It has been almost and entire year since I have posted, I often question what made me disconnect and if I was truly honoring myself. I think it was for several reasons, sometimes we write and look for a reponse, and other times we feel we are doing too much, and I want to give it thought, not just blog for the sake of blogging and finally we have to realize when were doing too much. When I disconnected I begin to reconnect with unfinished peices that needed to be placed in my personal puzzle and I am so grateful that I did. My Sista how often do we start something yet never finish it and question why life is not in order, Hint: it is because we are out of order.

So, I took a break from the blog, to breathe, sip and fill my own cup. I am so thankful that I know how to listen to God and hear what he has for me. In taking a break from the blog I was able to finish up some loose ends, so that when God places me where I need to be I will be ready!

I am now walking in my today! Owning my NOW! All the peices to the puzzle are now complete. I'm a Keeper-The children's book, journal, t-shirt, SistaKeeper-the adolescent book, journal and t-shirt, and finally Own your Now-Poetry for women, journal and t-shirt! All complete! What a journey and I didn't know where God was leading me, all he asked was that I stay on the path, listen and Own my NOW!

My challenge to you...if by chance you have started a vision that God has placed in your life! It is time today to finish it! Life will bring us full circle and at the drop of a dime God will move in your life, but you must be ready...OWNing your NOW! Be able to endure the ride and allow the Rare Gem that you are shine! Know what it is that GOD has for you and Create that New you!!! NOW!

Are you ready to Be a Keeper to yourself, being a reflection of positivity living your life on purpose!

Let the world know I am Owning my NOW! As for me, It is just the beginning...Keep Sippin!


Your Soulflower Sista~DivineTea

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