Practice Infinite Patience

Ok, so I was typing this very blog and lost it all, you want to know why....because I was not patient.


Lesson learned... be still and wait. I was soooo busy clicking because what I felt I had written was what needed to be heard. Lesson learned is... sometimes you may be ready, but the universe is not.

Sooo...remember everything that you feel is for you may not be for you, right now?

You cannot control anything, and trying to control people is a futile as trying to control the ocean. So let them wait, and be patient, watch the patterns and observe the habit, just be patient and watch the outcome unfold.

In this microwave society we are taught to go for it NOW, upgrade NOW, act on it NOW...but we need to understand that if we can just be still, sit in our thought, our process, pray and be patient in the moment, just maybe we will grow.

My question is are you willing to wait to grow, or do you feel like you need to move yourself to the next destination full speed ahead. Sometimes...we even get mad at ourselves, or even others because they are not on our time clock. Whether it is due to work, passion or even dealing with loss or grief. To the point we even have the audacity to get mad at GOD because his time is not our time...imagine that.

Practice infinite patience...the outcome. Bliss.

Being in the moment

Living in the moment

Interacting in the moment

Searching in the moment

Staying the moment

Good things come to those who wait, but recently I was told...Better things come to those who go after it. So if you want Bliss...just know when to be still and when to move.




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