Say NO and really mean it!


NO…two letters, one word. No explanation needed, yet we feel that we must go into details to explain our NO. Ladies, sometimes no is the only option to you saying yes to self. What do we do, we think of compromising our sanity, our soul and sometimes our bodies.

If you want to live life to the fullest, you must learn you cannot be the keeper to everyone’s issues, workshops, conferences or one on one projects. Some of us like to feel needed, but we end up every time feeling frustrated, stressed or even overwhelmed because we wanted to say no instead of yes!

Whitney Houston made it popular to say “HELL 2 da Naw!” why because she was fed up. We don’t want to get to the point were we feel like we need to make a statement, so learn now to politely say No.

With NO explanation behind it, sometimes we feel compelled to explain, Jamie Walker stated”every time you say yes when you mean no, you lose your power. Stop it. Aren’t you worthy of having boundaries, your own sacred space and time? Don’t you deserve to relax sometimes and give back to you?

If you say no to the above, then you don’t value self. At the core of a NO is freedom to say yes and mean it, but only when you feel like it. Are you the only one with this problem???NOooooo, but it is up to you to say YES to not being a savior to all and say NO and mean it. Practice makes perfect.




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  1. Mia
    Great information, have to practice it everyday till it becomes my normal!

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