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Today is November 21st 2013 we have less than 40 days left this year until 2014 so I decided for my last 40 days 2013 I would openly blog about my daily meditations. Please feel free to join me, please share and above all keep sippin...
Today's focus is self discovery how well do you know you know yourself? Do you know you? Do you feel comfortable in your own skin and if you do then how are you showing up to the world?If you know these answers today share them with the world..not the fabric in the details but share the method you used on your journey to OWNing YOUR NOW.

God woke me up today at 4:22.
1. I have learned when God wakes me up out of my sleep to get up.
So i tune my spirit into him to just listen.  TODAY I HEARD WORDS WITH NO ACTION IS DEAD and I'm all about living!
2. Next I grab a book of daily meditations. Today it was Until Today by Iyanla Vanzant. Whatever book feeds your spirit read it, I just happen to be reading this one again. I will be reading it for the the next 39 days of this journey (if you choose to join me) Today's theme was Self Discovery.

3. Next I begin to reflect on what I read through my  journaling.
My journal entry...As we walk into the light the brighter our reflection will be and others can't help but see it and feel it and reflect it.  Now if they try to blow it out. I have learned they can only do what we allow.  SO I choose today to allow the wind to shift my direction

So my sister as you sip my cup of tea therapy this morning...i'm asking you to fill it with the questions? What am I reflecting and which direction am I allowing the wind to move me.

3. I then open my bible to wherever my spirit leads me. This is the point in my meditation where God gives me clarity, confirmation, my purpose for today. Literally I just open it(faithwalk). Today I was pleasantly surprised it lead me to 2Kings 2:11

2 King 2:11 Elijahs's Ascension
And it came to pass as they still went on and talked that behold there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire and parted them both usunder and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

Are you praising him now? THIS IS THE TIME my sisters because God has given me my clarity!!!

*** Now for confirmation... let me give you a lil extra bonus I just noticed he revealed to me my meditation was not in vain. He gave me 2 kings 2:11 and what time did he wake me up this morning at 4:22. Imagine that! It's real!

Now I don't gamble...i don't play numbers but I promise you this I will bet on God everytime!

Is GOD an awesome GOD or what!!!

Enjoy your day of self discovery! I am READY!

BE blessed, Be changed, and above all Keep sippin!
Namaste to you all!
Your Soulflower Sista,

Divine Tea


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