Master Creative Visualization

visionboardSista, do you have vision??? Creative visualization is just a manifestation of your dreams and goals becoming a reality. Is it possible? of course it is. Through creative visualization I can see myself sowing seeds all across the country, touring as a National Speaker for Girls focusing on building healthy self-esteem, I see an ocean side loft were I vacation and write poetry and sip my tea, eating healthy, defining my destiny!

How do you see yourself in the future???

That is actually what creative visualization is....literally seeing yourself living your future now and believing it!

Today, we need to take time to day dream, and believe it is the key, create your vision board for the future, post it in your face! In your bedroom, bathroom or even on facebook, grab magazines and paste those pictures and words and speak your future into existence. I have seen it happen and I believe in defining your destiny. Do you have vision?what do you see? Share with us today!


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